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AQUAGEL 35 Emulsifiers A Rheology Modifier, Stabilizer, Thickener Oil-in-Water Series MOQ 35KG
Applied to ointment, cream product. MOQ: 35 KG Unit Quantity: 35KG / Per Item Standard Packing: 35kg/drum

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Unit Quanity: 35kg/per item 

Standard Packing: 35kg/drum



AQUAGEL 35 is a rheology modifier, stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. It swells fast and allows you to create gel or cream immediately without neutralization or heat. It can emulsify all kinds of oil and disperse pigment and physical sunscreen. It is recommended to be used in skin cream, creamy gel, as single or united emulsifier.



Parameter                                            Value

Appearance                                          White emulsion

Solid content (%)                                  45.0-50.0

Viscosity (25℃,mPa·s)                        1500-4500

Viscosity (25℃,2%soln,mPa·s)           60,000-90,000 Acrylamide residual (ppm) ≤2


These values indicate typical specifications, they are not intended to be used as product specifications.



• Needn’t pre-mix, heat or extra equipment, can be added in any step of emulsifying; Good thickening performance at low dosage.

• Particularly effective when formulating during pH 3.5~11.5.

• Applicable to all kinds of oil such as vegetable oil, polar and nonpolar oil, without heating or other extra treatment.

• Applicable to formula containing high content silicone.

• Stabilize organic or inorganic pigment in formula; thicken some formula containing 40% alcohol, other organic solvent and polylol.

• Resist shearing for a long time; Maintain viscosity under UV radiation



• Cream, lotion, creamy gel

• Make-up foundation and sunscreen cream

• Formula containing polar solvent, alcohol and polyol

• Formula containing silicone or AHA


Formula Guidelines

Typically used at a level of Used solely: 2.0~5.0%.

Used with other emulsifier: 0.2~2.0%

Ÿ How to handle in formula –

Option 1, Blend AQUAGEL 35 with oil phase. Add them into the water phase. Mix uniformly.

Option 2, Heat oil phase and water phase separately to 75-80℃. Add oil phase into water phase while mixing. Then add AQUAGEL 35 into the emulsion 60℃.

Homogenize moderately for 15-20 minutes.


Storage & Handling

Standard Packing: 35kg/drum

Storage: Avoid contact with eyes and clothing. Wear impervious gloves. Avoid extremes of temperature, wet, damp or humid conditions and open systems to minimize vapor release and exposure.

Storage life: 24months


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