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Carbomer FD2010 Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer POLY(ACRYLIC ACID) (100KG)
MOQ: 100kg Standard packing: 20kg/box EXW: 50usd/kg NOTE: This item price for 100kg materials Could offer safe shipping + broker service if need
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CARBOMER FD2010 is a hydrophobically modified crosslinked acrylate copolymer. It acts as high-efficient & low-dosage thickener and suspending agent as other traditional carbomer resin, also provides electrolyte tolerance and unique sensory benefits in formulas. Its low dispersion viscosity before neutralization, making it easy to disperse, transport and process. It also can be used in systems with moderate surfactant content, making it an ideal choice for many applications.








Fluffy, White Powder

Wetting Time(3%aq, 25℃, minutes)


Viscosity (20 rpm at 25ºC, Neutralized



1% aq



1% aq+1%NaCl



Solution Clarity (%Transmission,

Neutralized Solution 420 nm light,1% aq)



Residual acrylic acid (%)


Residual Ethyl Acetate / Cyclohexane (%)



These values indicate typical specifications, they are not intended to be used as product specifications.



Low dispersion viscosity, rapid wetting and swelling time

High-efficient thickening, suspending and stabilizing ability at low dosage

High clarity


Excellent electrolyte tolerance Compatibility with all kinds of surfactants



Transparent hydroalcoholic gel Lotion and cream

Hair styling gel Shampoo Body wash


Formula Guidelines

Typically used at a level of 0.2-1.5%.



Following operations should be avoided, otherwise result in loss of viscosity:

Constant stir or high-speed shear stir after neutralization

UV irradiation


Storage & Handling

Standard Packing: 20kg/box

MOQ: 100KG

Storage: Keep in cool, dry, ventilated and lightless place.

Shelf life24 months


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