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Customized Lipstick Mold 12.1/12.7 MM Caliber 68 Cavity For Any Shape
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      The lipstick mould is a key tool for anybody who want to make their own lipsticks or for anybody wishing to start their own professional cosmetic making business. Kos lipstick mould is made out of high quality Aluminum for durability and, with care will last a long lifetime. This 68 cavity mold can be custom made into waterdrop(common beak)shape, nail shape, arc-water shape, crayon shape, rose shape, heart shape, diamond shape, etc. Highlight or matte mold is available. It can also be custom made with letters or pattern.

Advantage of lipstick mold

1. Durable, wear-resistant, and maintainable when it comes with little problem.
2. Polishing treatment assure the brightness of the lipstick.
3. Easy control, manual operation, very simple, can make high production without big machine.


How To Assemble And Disassemble Lipstick Molds

How To Make A Homemade Lipstick

FQA: How to clean the lipstick mold after i receive the mold?

1. When you receive the mold please check if there is stain inside the filling slot, if there is. Please take a soft cloth wipe it off.
2. When cleaning the mold. Please take soft cloth wipe the mold and inside slot, if storage for long time please smear White Paraffin Oil or Silicone Oil in side the slot. If you will use it frequently please also remember to smear White Paraffin Oil or Silicone Oil in side the slot after a while to maintenance the mold in good condition.
3. If you use the mold the first time or after long time storage, it is better that you give up the first 2-3 batches of the filled material. In this case you can remove off the maintenance oil or lipstick residue left by last time.
4. Warning: Please avoid touch with water, if you are not careful and touch with water please take dry soft cloth wipe it immediately


This is custom make item, and it will cost about 30 days to customake. We will arrange production as soon as possible after you order it. Before you order, please contact us. If you want to custom made a beautiful / exact lipstick molds, you can tell us your require diameter, cavity and lipstick shape of the lipstick mold. Or you also can send us your lipstick samples with all request details.

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