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Custom Single Cavity Silicone Lipstick Mold Kit
High quality silicone material, the same as baby nipples.
Item ID #E0024


Silicone has the advantages of stretching resistance,  heat resistance and high deformation tolerance, which has been widely used in moulds. With regard to appearance, lipsticks made by silicone mold have regular shape and bright color.To prolong the service life of the mold, the ring is made of aluminum and the holder is made of strong plastic. Designed for DIY lipsticks lovers, this item enjoys an excellent price performance ratio and user-friendly quality.

Item Specification

Product Name: KOS lipstick mold/ lip balm mold
Item No: E0024
Construction: Holder, ring, mould
Product Material : Plastic(holder), aluminum(ring), silicone(mould)
Cavity : 1 Cavity
Diameter: 12.1mm
Color: Transparent
Usage: For lipstick filling and lip balm stick filling

How To Make Lipsticks With A Silicone Lipstick Mold

①  Assemble the mold kit as the picture shows. Put the smaller side of the ring on the silicone mould gently(it's unnecessary to foist the ring into the mould); then put the two parts into the hole of the holder.

②  Let q-tips dip in vegetable oil, then use q-tips to paint the inside of the ring and mould a  coat of oil evenly for easy demoulding;
③  Pour the mixture liquid into the mould to the top level of the ring;
④  Put the kit in the fridge for about 15 minutes till it is cooling and becoming solidification;
⑤  After taking shape, remove the ring gently and a length of lipstick can be seen;
⑥  Upside down the empty lipstick tube, and fill the lipstick into tube. Pull the silicone mould outwards slightly and gently to vacate some space. Then swing out the tube gently and slowly until it separates from the mould.


The silicone mold is easily maintained and cleaned. Just keep it clean and dry before storage.
Before placing the order, please tell us which shape do you want to buy. Or else we will ship you the default: A. Waterdrop.We may need about one week to custom make this item before shipping. If you have any special requirements about your order or any other questions, please contact us any time. Thanks for your cooperation!
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