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Lipstick Mold 6 Cavity 12.7mm Caliber for Waterdrop Shape
Lower mold artificial meticulous polishing
Upper mold, personalized shape
10 years of experience in lipstick molds, customized personalized novel lipstick paste mold, as professionals, we are worthy of your trust.
Item ID #B0003

       Using high quality aviation aluminum 6061 custom make: the moderate hardness of aluminum material custom make for the high temperature of heatting paste, easily cooling to form a high-gloss lipstick paste, allowing you to achieve rapid and efficient production doubled.
        Screw fixation, not easy dislocation, can twisting screws fix molds, prevent dislocation, you can also empty hand twisting the screw easily to check the internal polishing condition, don't miss any little flaw, put all details in place.

Lower mold: Filling paste shape part of the exclusive custom personalized diamond, paste shape compelling.
Upper mold: After filling material is completed, clean upper mold parts excess material, picked up the mold, insert lipstick tube pulled out paste, small pins fixed to allow upper mold easy alignment of the lower mold.
Polishing treatment, gloss seductive: Every hole of our lipstick mold has been a professional chef meticulous hand-polished, make filling paste parts gloss seductive, to ensure smooth paste, to help you easily achieve efficient production.

Item Specification

Shaping Mode: Hot forming die
Item No: B0003
Product Material: Aluminium
Brand Name: KOS
Product: lipstick filling mold
Weight: 1KG
Color: Silver
Size: 6 Cavity



        If you want to custom made a beautiful/exact lipstick molds, please send us your lipstick samples with all request details.
        And it will cost 10-15 days to customake. We will arrange production as soon as possible after you order it. Before you order, please contact us.There may be a little size deviation, this is a normal phenomenon. In addition, the color, thickness and weight may be a little different from different batches. The color of some products will be different from photos. Please pay attention to these questions before you submit orders. Thank you for your understanding.

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