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Aluminum & Silicone Lipstick Mold 4 Cavity Mould Mix Sales
Superior aluminum & silicone lipstick mold
Item ID #E0036


Many customers have no ideas which kind of lipstick mold is more suitable for them. Aluminum lipstick mold is more durable and easier to use, but each of them can only make one shape. If they want to make different shapes with aluminum mold, they have to buy different molds. Silicone lipstick mold, however, is so favorable and has different shapes for the same one, which maybe a little complicated during making lipsticks as well. Now, a mix that involves a aluminum mold and a silicone mold is available, and the shapes of the silicone mold can be chosen from 8 kinds of shapes. In other words, pay for the price of one mold, get two molds.

Item Specification

Item No: E0036
Product Name: KOS lipstick/ lip balm mold mix
Product Material : Ultra hard highlight aluminum; Plastic(holder), highlight aluminum(ring), silicone(mould)
Cavity : 4 Cavity aluminum mold + 4 cavity silicone mold
Diameter: 12.1mm /12.7mm
Shape: Aluminum mold (Water drop); silicone mold (as the picture shows)
Color: Silver
Construction: Aluminum mold (1 Upper mold, 2 lower molds, 3 screws); silicone mold (a holder, four rings, four moulds)
Usage: For lipstick filling and lip balm stick filling


①This is a promotional lipstick mold mix, but the quality of all the mixes can be definitely guaranteed. Only water drop(common beak) aluminum lipstick molds can enjoy the discount.
②Before placing an order, please indicate which size do you want to order(12.1 mm or 12.7 mm). And tell us the shapes of silicone mold you want. Your order will be shipped within a week as soon as we receive your payment.
③ Should you have any other questions, please contact us. Thanks for your cooperation.

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