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Popular Selling Perfume Making and Freezing Machine for Cosmetic Industry
It is an ideal equipment for cosmetic factory filtrating cosmetic water.
Item ID #MA0029

Standard Configurations:

1. Stainless steel heat preservation freezing tank and titanium metal coil pipe.
2. Ultra low temperature freezing unit.
3. Anticorrosive pneumatic diaphragm pump.
4. Polypropylene microporous filtration film.
5. Stainless steel moveable supporter.
6. Sealing type eletric control system and sanitary pipe fittings and values.


Technical Parameter:

Freezing Power:      3p
Capacity:                 100L
Filtration precision:0.2μm



This machine is developed on the basis of overseas advanced technology. It specializes in the clarification and filtration of fluid (such as cosmetic water, perfume) through freezing . It is an ideal equipment for cosmetic factory filtrating cosmetic water.

This machine is widely used in cosmetic industry, research institution, hospital, laboratory etc which need to clarify and sterilize fluid. It can also used in chemical analysis. So it is convenient and reliable.


This machine is manufactured by the best stainless steel 304-2B or 316L and polypropylene microporous membrane. With the Anti - corrosion pneumatic diaphragm pump for the pressure source, the liquid is filtered with a positive pressure. Connecting with the highlight and easy installing tube, it is easy to disassemble and clean.


① This is product can be customized, and the above parameter is for reference only. When placing an order, please tell us your specific requirements in advance.
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