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Vacuum Emulsifying Machine for Food, 316SS 4KW 100L Vacuum Homogenizer
Item ID #TX0002


Product Description:

This machine is made of: main working tank, water tank, oil tank, vacuum homogogenous emulsifying, hearting system, mixing system, electrical lifting system, operation control cabinet, piping system. It is the ideal machine for production of cosmetics, pharmacy, food or chemicals and other products.



1. The mixing system is designed for manufacturing creams and liquids with different features;

2. The speed of mixing and homogenizing system can be adjusted according to the different process technologies.

3. The digital time and temperature indicator are settled on the control cabinet. User will detect the working time and temperature easily;

4. Homogenizing is processed by CNC lathe and applies German technology to achieve fine and smooth material;

5. Vacuum system makes the whole operation in the vacuum condition so that there is no bubbles in material.


Technical Parameters:

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