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New 200L Emuslifying Tank for Daily Chemicals, Homogenizing Mixing Machine
The emulsifying tank can be used for Daily Chemicals, Pharmacy and Food Industry, has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, good homogeneity, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, small footprint and high
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Product Description:

Emulsifying tank is mainly through the stirring operation to mix materials to meet the requirements of the production process, is the essential equipment commonly used for the middle buffer, liquid storage, mixing, blending, reaction in pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, food, beverages, fruit wine, spices, fine chemicals, grease and other industries. Emulsifying tank can also add some lysing enzymes or other mixing media in the process of batching according to the requirements of the process. Emulsifying tanks can also add some enzymes or other mixed media in the process of batching according to the requirements of the process. The emulsifying tank by equipped with heating layer, insulating layer, cooling device, constant temperature control device can achieve heating, constant temperature, cooling and heat preservation and other processes, and can be equipped with different configurations of the electric control box according to the automation requirements.



1, Emulsifying tank using sanitary and aseptic design, the pipe mouth adopts drawing process to form a smooth transition, to avoid dead ends for cleaning caused by direct welding, ensure the reliability and stability of the production process, the inner tank surface of mirror polishing (roughness Ra ≤ 0.4μm);

2, The process connections are used ISO standard fast chuck-type coupling, sanitary without dead ends;

3, With online cleaning (CIP) and online sterilization (SIP) function;

4, The inner surface treated into mirror, the outer surface of matte treatment, easy to clean, no dead ends;

5, Can be equipped with temperature display control system and liquid level display system;

6, The pipe mouth adopts stretch flange process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead ends, in line with the requirements of GMP;

7, High temperature emulsifying tank (≥ 60℃) sealed with a special sanitary grade mechanical seal to ensure that the material is not contaminated.



The emulsifying tank is suitable for the production of cosmetics, medicine, food, chemical, dyeing, printing ink and other industrial products, especially for the high viscosity, high solid content materials emulsifying more effective.

Cosmetic products: creams, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, etc..

Pharmaceutical products: ointment, syrup, eye drops, antibiotics etc..

Food products: jam, butter, margarine, etc.

Chemical products: chemical medicine, synthetic adhesives, etc..

Dyeing products: pigments, titanium oxide, etc..

Printing inks: color inks, resin inks, newspaper inks, etc..

Others: paints, waxes, coatings, etc.




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