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Kos Automated Air-Pressing Lipsticks Releasing Machine
A machine to pull out the mold and remove the lipsticks
Item ID #MA0022


This machine is not a simple ejector. It means that you can substitutes automated operation for manual operation when pulling out the mold and removing the lipsticks.
The only thing you need to do is putting lipstick tubes on the machine and setting up the time of each step, which can greatly reduce time and labor during large-size production.


① PLC interface is easy to operate and enables setting up the time of fetching, pulling out, putting away the mold;
② Simple cabinet and control system are convenient to maintain;
③ Trim off work flow to promote operating efficiency;
④ Air-pressing driver is easy to clean;
⑤ Side-blowing design can avoid abrasion and air vent blocking at the bottom of the mold;
⑥ The scope of this machine is limited to lipstick mold with and under 12 cavities.

Item Specifications

Voltage & Frequency 220V/ 50Hz
Dimension (L*W*H) 1000*850*900 mm
Workbench Height 840 mm
Net Weight 100 kg
Air Supply 0.3-0.6 Mpa
Air Consumption <0.6 m3/min
Air Pressure 6 kg/cm
Power 100 W
Material Stainless steel (SUS304)
Production Capacity 30-60 pcs/min


①The above parameter is for reference only. When placing an order, please tell us your actual situation and requirements in advance.
②The price of this item depends on specific requirements and shipping destination. Please contact us to get a new quotation.
③Welcome to email us for more detailed information, 
koslipstick@hotmail.com .

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