High-efficiency Lipstick Refrigerator Lip Balm Frozen Machine
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High-efficiency Lipstick Refrigerator Lip Balm Freezing Machine
Freeze lipsticks within a few minutes.
Item ID #MA0020


This deft lipstick frozen machine features easy operation and high efficiency, on which lipsticks, lip balms, crayons and any other paste can freeze to solid in a short time. It is as easy as putting the mold into a refrigerator, but decuple the speed of refrigerator.


Item Specifications
①The timing system enables set up frozen time as needed;
②Frozen temperature can be regulated as needed;
③Paste can freeze to solid within 1-3 minutes.

Item Specifications

Power 220V/ 50Hz
Net Weight 50 kg
Material Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimension (L*W*H) 800*600*680 mm
Frozen Plate Material Aluminum anode
Frozen Area 600*400 mm
Compressor Power 1 kw , 1.5P
RT to Minimum Temperature 5 minutes
Minimum Temperature -15℃
Frozen Time 1-3 minutes


①The above parameter is for reference only. When placing an order, please tell us your actual situation and requirements in advance.
②The price of this item depends on specific requirements and shipping destination. Please contact us to get a new quotation.
③Welcome to email us for more detailed information, sales@lipstickmolds.com .

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