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Customized Three-Roller Lipstick Ingredient Grinder Pigment Grinding Machine
Three-Roller Lipsticks Grinder
Item ID #MA0017


Three-roller grinder is a grinding machine to grind different kinds of printing ink, paint, pigment and many other liquid paste fully, which are usually scattered and have high viscosity. Generally speaking, the maximum granularity of these paste should be not more than 20μm, so there are some high requests about roller precision with regard to three-roller grinder.

Item Specifications

Parameter S65 S150 S260 S405
Voltage & Frequency 380(220)V/50Hz  380(220)V/50Hz  380(220)V/50Hz  380(220)V/50Hz 
Production Capacity 3 kg/hour 25 kg/hour 55 kg/hour 100 kg/hour
( L*W*H) mm
100*420*400 820*800*920 1645*1350*1100 1980*1848*1300
Net Weight 80 kg 300 kg 800 kg 1218 kg
Roller Speed    Slow Roller      32 25.3 19.1 12.2
Medium Roller 89 63.25 54.5 40
Fast Roller 250 152 155.3 116
Motor Model SL8024 SL100-4 SL160L-6 SL180L-6
Power 0.75 2.2 7.5 1.5
R.P.M 1400 1420 970 970
Roller Speed Ratio 1:2.8:7.8 1:2.5:6 1:2.85:7.8.13 1:3:9
Roller Diameter 65 mm 150mm 260mm 405mm
Roller Length 125 mm 300mm 695mm 810mm


①The above parameter is for reference only. When placing an order, please tell us your actual situation and requirements in advance.
②The price of this item depends on specific requirements and shipping destination. Please contact us to get a new quotation.
③Welcome to email us for more detailed information, sales@lipstickmolds.com .

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