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Customized Semi-Automatic Lipstick Heating Mixer Cosmetics Filling Machine
Semi-Automatic Lipstick Heating Mixer Cosmetics Filling Machine
Item ID #M0001

Item Specifications

Specifications Reference Value
Item No. M0001
Product Name KOSBEST heating mixer/ filling machine
Product Material Stainless steel
Customized Or Not Customized
Power 1.4 kw
Voltage&Frequency 220 V  50 Hz
Item Size 500*400*610 mm
Item Weight 20 kg
Filling Volume 100-500 g / 100-500 ml
Hopper Capacity 15 L
Efficiency <=30 min/tank
Use For paste heating, mixing and filling
Applicable Objects Cosmetics, hair & skin care products, lipsticks, detergent, beverage, sauce, etc


① This is a customized item, and the above parameter is for reference only. When placing an order, please tell us your specific requirements in advance.
② This price is just Free DHL shipping to USA or Canada. The other countries please contact us in email sales@lipstickmolds.com to get a new quotation.
③ Welcome to email us for more detailed information.

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