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Lipstick Mold Price
What factors are related to the lipstick mold price?

How to quotation for lipstick mold, lipstick mold prices and what factors are related, this is we are engaged in lipstick mold work friends who need to know, here are five key factors associated with lipstick mold price.

Lipstick mold accuracy level. Mold accuracy and rigidity should be adapted to the objective needs of product parts requirements and production program requirements, the higher the mold accuracy and rigidity requirements, the higher the mold production cost.

The level of complexity of lipstick mold structure and mold functions. The more complex the structure of the mold, the more functions of the mould, the higher automation degree of mold production, so that the higher the corresponding mold production costs.

Choice of lipstick mold material. Mold costs, in particular, the use of different materials of the mold working parts, reflecting the large difference in mold life.

The cost of materials in the mold production costs accounted for about 25% -30%, so, should the correct choice of mold materials, the used mold materials should be coordinated with the mold life requirements, at the same time, various measures should be taken to give full play to the effectiveness of the material. The degree of standardization of lipstick mold and the specialization of enterprise production. These are important factors that restrict the cost of the mold and the production cycle.

Mold development trend requires mold processing equipment to high efficiency, high precision, high automation, multi-functional direction development. On the one hand the price of equipment is higher, on the other hand, the maintenance costs of the equipment is improved, at the same time, the requirements of the equipment operator are improved, so that the mold costs improved. Therefore, lipstick mold manufacturing enterprises should give full play to the effectiveness of these devices, and improve the efficiency of the use of equipment.