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Lipstick Mold Introduction
Standard back insert mold

Back insert three plates mold
back insert lipstick mold


1, The three plates convenient demoulding and cleaning mold.
2, Can cooperate with the machine quantitative and purely manual operation.
3, Off upper die base suitable for various back insert molds.

Traditional two plates mold
traditional lipstick mold


1, The traditional manual approach, hand touch the meat shell.
2, Must cooperate with the fire drying
3, Both sides can be added buckles, or U type clip

Circular arc design mold
circular arc lipstick mold


1, Special arc-shaped slope plate design.
2, Lipstick meat section undercut design.
3, The three plates convenient demoulding and cleaning mold.

Pen type mold

Back insert pen type
back insert pen type lipstick mold


1, With the use of clip shell guider, easy to take off the upper mold.
2, Lipstick meat slope entirely consistent with lipstick shell slope.
3, No need fire drying.

Flow backward lipstick pen
flow backward lipstick mold


1, It needs to cooperate with the quantitative filling machine use.

Special type mold

Matte processing mold


1, Mold surface with special matte processing.
2, Lipstick meat surface is matte.

Open type diamond shape mold
diamond shape lipstick mold


1, Special polyhedral mold.
2, Open type easy to clean.

Porous lipstick mold
porous lipstick mold


1, Can use traditional open type two plates design manufacturing.
2, Also can use back insert three plates porous design manufacturing.
3, Each style of porous molds can be designed manufacturing.

Double color lipstick mold


1, We can manufacture various kinds of double color lipstick molds.