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Why Buy Lipstick Molds From Us?
KOS Lipstick Molds Factory specializes in designing and manufacturing different sizes and cavities lipstick mold, besides lipstick tubes and eyeliner molds. Excellent quality, best prices, superior custom made service, high efficiency, all of these have won our customers’ consistent high praise. KOS Lipstick Mold Factory has rich experience in mold design, mold safety structural analysis, with a comprehensive software system that can help customers with comprehensive solution to the technical aspects, so as to reduce product design errors or defects to minimum along the manufacturing process. We can also suggest appropriate improvement programs for customers.
KOS Lipstick Mold Factory supplies 4 cavity, 6 cavity, 12 cavity and other cavity lipstick molds, for people to make their own lipsticks at home or proceed lipstick business. Lipstick tubes and lip balm containers made in gorgeous design and safe material are also supplied in our online shop. We are sure that customers would find  KOS DIY lipstick molds have features as easy operation, professional custom made technology, interior with artificial meticulous polishing process, gloss, ensure made lipsticks smooth and attractive.